Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dreadfleeet: Shadewraith

Well my first complete ship from Dreadfleet is done. A few more are started but I worked on this for a few hours tonight and saw it from start to finish! More to come as they are completed!

Sorry the pics ain't the best quality.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Well, today i took the plunge (pun only slightly intended) and bought GW's latest release 'Dreadfleet'. I can blame my local model railway shop for this as he has started to stock some GW products. Mainly paints which is awesome as mine are all starting to dry out (some after about 13 or 14 years) so this will make it much easier to replace them or to find a colour quickly without having to go to Dundee.

The box is so fully packed it was difficult to pack it all in again. You get 10 ships, 5 allince and 5 dreadfleet. The box also contains monsters, islands, auxilary ships and a stunning 'seascape' mat to play on.

I am hoping to have a game of this soon but the miniatures are best to be painted in parts or at most partially built and the quality of them is so nice I don't want to rush the painting and make a mess!

I will try to get some pics of the contents soon and post pics of the ships as painted.

Thursday, 29 September 2011


Free with this weeks dr who adventures mag! A pack of 16 angels! I only got a few... packs!!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Doctor Who The Daleks

Here are a few pics of the results of my week of painting for the KWC open day

Thursday, 25 August 2011

86 done.... 384 to go!!!

Well in prep for the open day on Saturday I have 10 daleks, 10 sci-fi police, Amy and The Dr to paint!

I am also going to finish my gaming boards, so lots to do!!!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Short timescale project!

I bumped into Dale from KWC this morning and he reminded me that the club is having an open day on Sunday 27th August in an attempt to drum up some new members.

I had hoped it was going to be the end of september instead on a day when Graeme (Urisk) was free to do a joint game that people could join in with. Alas it will be a day when he is working so I was asked to prepare a game that can sit waiting to be played if people turn up (otherwise I will be joining in with someone else)

Anyway I have decided to do a DWMG (Doctor Who Miniatures Game) Especially with it happening the same weekend as the return of the Doctor to our TV's! It will be a fairly simple Doctor and Amy vs. The Daleks. Will need to prepare some cannon fodder for The Doctor to throw down in front of him!

Better start painting!!!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

My return & Claymore!

Hello again!

Been away far too long but the job I started in April took over my life(In a bad way). My employer didn't think that people needed to find out the rota for the week till the day before, they would change shifts at last minute without telling you and then cut my hours because "someone told us you wanted less hours"

Anyway have left there now and start my new job as a postie in Kirriemuir on Thursday. This means I will have my evening, half a weekend and possibly even afternoons to have a life! Obviously this includes painting and gaming (maybe even blogging!)

I started my freedom with a trip to Claymore in Edinburgh. This gave me a chance to spend pennies on a Triad starter strike team for Urban War. I was informed that another stall had a couple of Triad bargains so went and picked up a squad of Hatamotos & the characters Lotus, Hiro Takahashi& Mayumi. Not a bad way to spend some money.

After Graeme & I were realeased from our stint at the KWC participation table (which won second place) during a moment of either braveness or stupidity Graeme and I delved into the Bring & Buy for a third or fourth time on the way to get food and noticed a few small tupperwares on a table with void/urban war contents! Two of them labled Jap/Sci-Fi/Triad. I thought £7 for both was worth buying so went ahead with it!

By the time we got food there was no hot food left so a packet of crisps for lunch and a seat so time to look in to the boxes! Here's a wee list of the contents!

1 x Dragon Blade
7 x Retainers with Naginata
7 x Retainers with Rifles
1 x sniper
1 x Oni Shogun Battlesuit with Sword
10 x Hatamotos
3 x Triad Boss (2 different styles)
6 x Kabuki Dolls

Using the prices on Wayland Games the two tupperware tubs come to a value of £107.85


Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Ok, it's been a wee bit since my last post but I have been very busy! Unfortunately most of it has nothing to do with gaming!

I started a new job at the end of April and hoped to get a week off between finishing and starting new job, this was not meant to be. My first week was the may day bank holiday weekend and I was on for 7 days straight doing at least 8.5 hours a day, 10 being my longest!

Anyway other than that I visited Carronade which was awesome!

I picked up a few treats while I was there!

A box of late German Infantry, 25 figs for £10 Bargain!

I also got some new stuff for DWMG (Dr who miniature game) including some scarecrows, a family which resemble the family of blood (even down to the little girl with balloon) and some school staff including a nurse, a housekeeper, a boy holding a pocket watch and a professor (or is that doctor...) wearing a mortar board! I decided that I would wait to a later date to buy more scarecrows and some armed schoolboys! These three packs came to £17.50

Lastly I got a Quellaris fleet, baseship and fighter swarm pack for Space Dreadnought 3000. All of this for £25.95 and a free rulebok when you bought a starter fleet so no complaints there! Luckily I knew a couple of guys that also bought this on the day so I will have someone to play with!

Add a sausage roll and packet on mini hobnobs at £2.50 ish

Comes to £55.95

Not bad at all!

Sunday, 10 April 2011


I recently had a game of this using the starter set and really enjoyed it. I went out and won an auction (while playing my first game) for a House Liao battleforce.

Graeme and I had a 900pt game on Friday night. Well we started a game! Things were going well for both, but we were a bit short of time. By the time we got into the really action we pretty much had to call it a night. We decided to call it a draw as even through Graeme managed to take out a mech and monocycle of mine two of his mechs were on the verge of destruction.

Here are a few pics;

So I think we shall attempt another similar game soon, maybe a few less points so we can finish it!

Last night I also won an auction for a Bannson's Raiders force so will hopefully have a game with them soon too!


Ok so I have just moved from 6sided to Blogger. Made sense that most of the blogs I read are on here so thought I'd join them too.