Sunday, 10 April 2011


I recently had a game of this using the starter set and really enjoyed it. I went out and won an auction (while playing my first game) for a House Liao battleforce.

Graeme and I had a 900pt game on Friday night. Well we started a game! Things were going well for both, but we were a bit short of time. By the time we got into the really action we pretty much had to call it a night. We decided to call it a draw as even through Graeme managed to take out a mech and monocycle of mine two of his mechs were on the verge of destruction.

Here are a few pics;

So I think we shall attempt another similar game soon, maybe a few less points so we can finish it!

Last night I also won an auction for a Bannson's Raiders force so will hopefully have a game with them soon too!


Ok so I have just moved from 6sided to Blogger. Made sense that most of the blogs I read are on here so thought I'd join them too.